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Friday 16th November

Spark announced today that it will be re-issuing its 1:43 replica of the famous original ‘Pink Pig’ from the 1971 Le Mans 24 Hours, which was the #23 Porsche 917/20 of Reinhold Joest and Willi Kauhsen that was decorated in the style of a butcher’s meat cuts. I assume that this decision has been influenced by the considerable number of pre-orders that Spark has received for its 1:43 Pink Pig ‘retro livery’ Porsche from this year’s Le Mans 24 Hours, which celebrated the marque’s 70th anniversary. The #92 911 RSR of Michael Christensen, Kevin Estre and Laurens Vanthoor went on to take victory in the GT Pro class of the race. Wouldn’t these two look just great together?

Thursday 15th November

Today CMC released what is probably the most significant version of its outstanding 1:18 replica of the 1956 Ferrari D50. It is certainly the one with the most interesting story behind it, being the #26 car that Ferrari team-mates Juan Manuel Fangio and Peter Collins shared in the 1956 Italian Grand Prix. Collins had originally started the car, before selflessly handing it over to Fangio at a pit stop. If Collins had stayed behind the wheel, then he would have become the 1956 Formula One world champion. But by handing his car over to Fangio, he selflessly allowed the Argentinian to clinch the fourth of his five world championships by going on to finish that race in second place. No doubt Collins felt that he had plenty more opportunities to become champion in the future, but tragically he would lose his life at the Nurburgring just a couple of years later. This 1956 Italian GP version of the D50 was a complete sell-out with CMC almost within days of originally being announced. We have just half a dozen pieces left after fulfilling our customer pre-orders; once those go, that’s it!

Wednesday 14th November

At Diecast Legends we have one day every month when we add a load of replicas into the dedicated Sale section of our website. Well, today is that day! There are savings to be had of up to 33% off of the original RRP, and at these reduced prices items do tend to sell out quickly. Top bargain this month is Norev’s 1:18 replica of the 1982 Ford Capri Mk.III in green, which at 33% off is now available for just £49.99 instead of £74.99!

Tuesday 13th November

CMC today provided us with sample model shots of all six of its forthcoming 1:18 replicas of the Jaguar C-Type. This will be only the company’s second ever take on a British subject, following on from the Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato a few years ago. The six different examples of the C-Type will be a plain British Racing Green version, the #19 Ecurie Ecosse entered car of Ian Stewart and Ninian Sanderson from Le Mans in 1952, the plain red concours version owned by Christian Jenny as it appears today, the yellow #20 car of Roger Laurent and Charles de Tornaco from the 1953 Le Mans 24 Hours, the winning #18 machine of Tony Rolt and Duncan Hamilton from the 1953 Le Mans 24 Hours, and the white #13 C-Type that was driven by Francisco Ibarra and Fernando Pinal in the 1953-1954 Panamericana. They all look absolutely amazing, and we can’t wait to see them released early next year.

Monday 12th November

Spark today announced a new 1:18 replica for Denny Hulme from his 1967 world championship winning season. Spark released the first ever 1:18 replica of Hulme’s 1967 title-winning Brabham BT24 last year, which unsurprisingly sold out in a heartbeat. This new announcement is the Brabham BT20 that the team campaigned earlier in the year, and specifically the car that Denny took to victory in the Monaco Grand Prix. With the BT24 not ready for the start of the campaign, Brabham fielded the tried and tested BT20 for the opening rounds of the championship. If you missed out first round, then don’t let history repeat itself!

Friday 9th November

Today Look Smart announced that it will be celebrating Kimi Raikkonen’s return to the top step of a Formula One podium at the 2018 American Grand Prix, some five and a half years since his previous visit. It was great to see him win for probably one last time. The Italian company has confirmed both 1:18 and 1:43 specials of Kimi’s Ferrari SF71H from the Austin race to commemorate the Iceman’s achievement. Surely a must-have for Raikkonen’s legion of fans out there!

Thursday 8th November

Today Spark revealed what we can expect to see on its 2019 first quarter release schedule. Many of these are brand new announcements that we hadn’t heard about before, so make sure you check them out. Up until last year Spark produced an annual catalogue with all of its new announcements in it, but it stopped doing that this year. So now the first we hear of many new Spark announcements is when they suddenly appear in these release schedules. Highlights this time round are Johnny Herbert’s Benetton from his first ever grand prix (Brazil in 1989), several 1970s F1 cars, and the 1930 Le Mans winning Bentley of Barnato and Kidston.

Wednesday 7th November

Today we are extremely excited to be launching SMTS’s next 1:18 project. It will be one of the key Formula One cars that unfathomably has not been replicated in that scale to date. It will be Stirling Moss’s winning Lotus 18 from the 1961 Monaco Grand Prix. While the 1955 Mille Miglia is widely considered to be the greatest win of Moss’s career, his most celebrated Formula One success has to be Monaco 1961. That race wasn’t so much a case of David versus Goliath, but David versus three Goliaths. It was Moss in his nimble Lotus 18 (with side panels removed to provide extra cooling on a sweltering day) against the three Ferrari 156 Sharknoses of Ginther, Hill and von Trips. Over 100 laps and two hours 45 minutes, Moss soaked up all the pressure that the Italian cars could throw at him, and put in a performance that would go down in folklore. The sooner you place your pre-order for this very significant replica, the closer to the front of the queue you will be when SMTS starts producing it.

Tuesday 6th November

It was Norev’s turn to provide us with some new road car announcements today, after Matrix’s yesterday, although Norev’s are in 1:18 scale and are from a more modern era. Nothing wrong with that though, as they include the awesome Ford Escort RS Cosworth from 1992, complete with its legendary ‘whale tail’ rear spoiler! Another one for Fast Ford fans is a new colourway of the 1986 Sierra RS Cosworth (white), while hot hatches are also represented with the 1992 Peugeot 205 GTI. If your collecting taste prefers to go further back than that, then there are also cars from the early 1960s, like the Simca Aronde Monthlery, and the Porsche 904 GTS.

Monday 5th November

Today Matrix announced some half a dozen new 1:43 classic road car subjects. Recently we had started to feel that Matrix’s 1:43 road cars were getting a tad too specialist and obscure, but we think that these ones are pretty good. There is Prince Bernhard of Holland’s Ferrari 500 Superfast Speciale Pininfaina, a pair of Ferrari 212 Inter Vignale Coupes (including the famous ‘bumblebee’), a Maserati Mexico Speciale by Frua, an Aston Martin DB2/4 Coupe Bertone Arnolt, and a BMW 1602 Bauer Coupe.

Friday 2nd November

A day after providing us with its 1:18 replica of the Ferrari 365 GTC/4, Tecnomodel confirmed the next Italian road car that it will be replicating in that scale. This next subject will be an Alfa Romeo; specifically the 1954 2000 Sportiva Bertone. This is the car that was intended to be produced in limited volumes for Alfa Romeo’s more sporting clientele, as well as homologated for grand touring racing. Ultimately only four were ever built. Tecnomodel’s 1:18 replica will be available in four colours: red, metallic silver, metallic green and metallic gold. As usual for Tecnomodel, the limited edition numbers are very much on the low side. Need we say more?

Thursday 1st November

Today we received Tecnomodel’s latest 1:18 Ferrari road car replica. It is the 365 GTC/4, which was produced for two years from 1971. It was a 2+2 grand tourer that was based on the 365 GTB/4 Daytona, with 505 examples constructed in total. Tecnomodel has produced its 1:18 rendition in four colours: red, silver, blue and metallic bronze, with the latter having already sold out to pre-orders. Not surprising, given that it is a worldwide limited edition of just 80 pieces (as are silver and blue). The limited edition of the red colourway is a little higher at 100, but you can’t bet on any of these being available for long.

Wednesday 31st October

Minichamps continued its recent run of 1:43 classic Formula One releases today, with a pair of interesting 1991 Williams FW13B test cars, for Damon Hill and Nigel Mansell. Hill was Williams’ test driver at the time, while Mansell was getting some mileage in on his return to the team from his two-year spell at Ferrari. The Hill car in particular has tiny numbers remaining after fulfilling our customer pre-orders (we’re not exactly flush with the Mansell version either!), so you’ll need to get a move on if you don’t want to miss out on these.

And talking of missing out on things, we sold out of Minichamps’ 1:12 Barry Sheene 1977 Suzuki RG500 today, as we predicted!

Tuesday 30th October

Just a week after releasing its 1:12 replica of Valentino Rossi’s 2017 Yamaha YZR-M1, Minichamps today supplied us with the bike and figure special celebrating Vale’s sole victory of the 2017 Moto GP season, which was secured at his favourite stomping ground of Assen. It is limited to just 1,500 pieces worldwide, and is already completely sold out both with Minichamps itself and its UK importer. We ourselves have just nine pieces unaccounted for after fulfilling our customer pre-orders. And as, whisper it, this could turn out to be The Doctor’s last ever Moto GP win, that could make this set very desirable indeed. It would look great alongside Minichamps’ 1:12 bike and figure set commemorating his first 500cc win at Donington Park in 2000!

Monday 29th October

Unsurprisingly, the news today has been all about Lewis Hamilton, after he became only the third person ever to secure a fifth Formula One world championship in the Mexican Grand Prix yesterday. In the perfect timing department, Minichamps has just provided us with sample images of both its ou will be replicating the Lister-Jaguar Knobbly 1950s racing car in 1:43! There will be a 1:18 and 1:43 replicas of Lewis’s 2018 Mercedes F1 W09. The latest delivery information on these is that the 1:43 should be released during November, with its bigger brother scheduled to follow in the run up to Christmas. If you are interested in either of these then you will need to get moving now, as our website and phone lines have been inundated with pre-orders for them since Lewis sealed the deal yesterday evening. They will probably be sold out before they are actually released.

Friday 26th October

Today was one of those days when we got a really nice surprise, with the unexpected announcement of a particularly exciting replica. Thank you Matrix, for confirming that you will be replicating the Lister-Jaguar Knobbly 1950s racing car in 1:43! There will be a plain green and yellow version, as well as the #29 example that Stirling Moss took to victory in the 1958 Daily Express Trophy at Silverstone. Even Matrix’s most obscure 1:43 replicas sell out extremely quickly, and we can only see that trend being accelerated with a car as exciting as the Lister-Jaguar Knobbly, so don’t delay placing your pre-order. Matrix has also announced another 1:43 Stirling Moss racing car, in the form of the Mercedes 300 SLR that he famously drove to victory in the 1955 Mille Miglia.

Thursday 25th October

Today we learned that CMC’s next variation of its glorious 1:18 Ferrari D50 replica will be with us within a couple of weeks. In my view, this is the one with the most dramatic story behind it, as it is the #26 machine from the 1956 Italian Grand Prix. This is the car that Peter Collins originally started, before selflessly handing it over to his elder colleague Juan Manuel Fangio at a pit stop. If Collins had stayed behind the wheel, then he would have become that year’s Formula One champion. But by handing his car over to Fangio, he allowed the Argentinian to clinch the fourth of his five world titles in that very race. No doubt Collins felt that he had plenty more opportunities to become champion in the future, but tragically he would lose his life at the Nurburgring just a couple of years later. This version of CMC’s 1:18 Ferrari D50 was a complete sell-out with CMC almost within days of originally being announced, and we have less than 10 pieces spare after fulfilling our customer pre-orders. This one won’t be around for long.

Wednesday 24th October

Minichamps treated us to a handful of new 1:43 classic Formula One subjects today. First up are the 1982 Lotus 91s of Nigel Mansell and Elio de Angelis, the latter using his to take a narrow victory over Keke Rosberg in that season’s Austrian Grand Prix. You’ll be unsurprised to hear that any replica involving ‘our Nige’ always sells fantastically well for us, so this isn’t one to procrastinate about purchasing. Then we have the 1990 Williams FW13Bs of Thierry Boutsen, who won in Hungary that year, and Riccardo Patrese, who was victorious in San Marino. 1990 was the year that I started following Formula One racing, aged nine, so these two are right up my street!

Tuesday 23rd October

Today is a big day for collectors of two-wheeled replicas, as we received 1:12 models of two of the greatest riders ever to have graced the motorbike racing scene: Barry Sheene and Valentino Rossi! First up is Minichamps’ long-awaited (and at 12 years, I really do mean long-awaited!) 1:12 rendition of Barry Sheene’s 1977 500cc championship winning Suzuki RG500. This is one of the most significant diecast models released this decade, never mind this year. After fulfilling our customer pre-orders we are already down to just 48 pieces spare, and at the rate we’re getting through them we could well be sold out by the end of the month. The other new 1:12 is the latest Valentino Rossi model, which is his 2017 Yamaha YZR-M1. The 1:12 replicas of Vale’s 2013 to 2016 Yamahas sold out in the blink of an eye when they were released, and we have no reason to doubt that the 2017 version will go the same way.

Monday 22nd October

We can now confirm the identity of SMTS’s second 1:18 Stirling Moss replica, which is the car that he used to first make a name for himself on the world stage. It is the Cooper-JAP Mk.IV that he took to victory in the Formula 3 race that supported the 1950 Monaco Grand Prix. Despite being frustrated by having an engine that wasn’t performing at its peak, Moss took victory in both his heat and in the main event later on. International stardom beckoned. As SMTS is such a small company (there will only be about three model engineers working on this project), it is unlikely that the team will ever be able to produce enough examples to meet demand. Therefore a pre-order is essential if you want to be able to add this special model to your collection.

Friday 19th October

It’s SMTS news to the fore again today, as we are very excited to be working in partnership with the guys from Hastings on a brand new 1:43 series of cars driven by the Royal Family. The first five subjects have already been confirmed, with more to follow. The very first release will be Prince Philip’s 1954 Lagonda 3 litre drophead coupe. SMTS’s 1:43 replica will come complete with nice touches like the extra aerial at the rear of the car for the Duke’s radio telephone, as well as the extra vanity mirror at the top of the passenger’s side of the windscreen so that the Queen could check she looked suitably regal. This collection will grow into something really rather special indeed, so make sure you’re in at the beginning. The series will be limited to just 100 pieces per subject.

Thursday 18th October

Ultra-big news today, in that we have received a final pre-production sample of SMTS’s 1:18 replica of the Vanwall VW57 that Stirling Moss and Tony Brooks shared to win the 1957 British Grand Prix! This is the first time that a Vanwall Formula One car has ever been replicated in 1:18 scale, despite our repeated pleas to the various model manufacturers over the last decade or so. We couldn’t think of anyone better suited to undertake this project than SMTS though, as they know the classic F1 scene better than anybody, as well as obviously being ace model-makers.

We also learnt about some other exciting forthcoming SMTS projects in our meeting with them today, which we will divulge with you in the very near future.

Wednesday 17th October

Today was the big day, in that we received our 100% exclusive 1:18 replica of Mike Hawthorn’s winning Ferrari 246 from the 1958 Moroccan Grand Prix, the very race in which he became Britain’s first ever Formula One champion! On Monday I reported that we had just a couple of dozen pieces still available after fulfilling our customer pre-orders; well, that number has already come down to 19!

Tecnomodel released its quadrumvirate (that is a real word – I looked it up!) of 1:18 Jaguar XJS touring car replicas from the 1980s. We have less than six pieces of each example remaining after fulfilling our early bird customer pre-orders, so don’t think about it for too long.

Tuesday 16th October

We heard today that Minichamps’ 1:12 replica of Barry Sheene’s 1977 500cc championship winning Suzuki RG500 will be landing with the Minichamps UK importer on either Friday this week or Monday next week. We will receive it the day after the importer does, so the wait is almost over after 12 years since it was originally announced! We have bought up every last unaccounted for example both from Minichamps’ UK importer and its own warehouse in Aachen, Germany, and still wish that we could get hold of more!

On the same Minichamps shipment we will be receiving its 1:12 replica of Valentino Rossi’s 2017 Yamaha YZR-M1. This now marks the beginning of the third decade that Minichamps has been producing 1:12 replicas of Rossi’s grand prix bikes, going right back to his 125cc Aprilias of 1996 and ’97. The Minichamps replicas of Vale’s Yamaha YZR-M1s from 2013 to 2016 all sold out extremely quickly, and we expect this latest one to go the same way.

Monday 15th October

Our friends at Tecnomodel have just announced no less than four different 1:18 classic racing subjects. There will be four Bizzarrini P538s, four Ferrari 275 GTB/Cs, four Ligier JS2s, and five Porsche 909 Bergspyders. As usual, the limited editions are almost insultingly small, at between a mere 60 and 130 pieces each. So, as usual, pre-ordering is an absolute must to ensure that you don’t miss out.

In other news, our exclusive 1:18 replica of Mike Hawthorn’s winning Ferrari 246 from the 1958 Moroccan Grand Prix, the race when he became Britain’s first ever Formula One champion, will be arriving with us any day now. We have just a couple of dozen of pieces left unsold after fulfilling our customer pre-orders, so this is another one where if you move at a glacial pace you will be disappointed.

Friday 12th October

It’s big news for Ferrari Formula One fans again today, with the surprising release of Burago’s 1:18 replica of Sebastian Vettel’s 2018 SF71H. Why surprising? Because we had no idea that it was on its way until our shipment arrived through our warehouse doors this morning! At just £74.99, Burago has maintained its reputation for fantastic value for money with its replicas. This is also the first 1:18 F1 car we have seen with the controversial halo head protection device fitted, although most people seem to have got over that by now! Towards the end of November, we expect to see Kimi Raikkonen’s car in 1:18 (which will of course be his last ever Formula One Ferrari, and both drivers in 1:43.

Thursday 11th October

What an exciting way to start our new Daily Diecast Digest, with the release of a 1:18 Formula One world championship winning car that has never been replicated in that scale before! Courtesy of CMC, it is Juan Manuel Fangio’s 1956 Ferrari D50; specifically the long nose car that he took to victory at the Nurburgring in the German Grand Prix. We have also received team-mate Peter Collins’ winning short nose D50 from that year’s French Grand Prix. Both come with the kind of ridiculously high level of detail that you would expect from CMC. And both are available from us with a bit of a discount off of the RRP: £564.99 instead of £589.99.