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Tecnomodel 1:18 1950 Alfa Romeo 158 diecast model car review

Published on: 02 August 2023

Tecnomodel Alfa Romeo 158 header

Tecnomodel has just announced a quartet of 1:18 replicas of the 1950 Alfa Romeo 158. This, of course, was the dominant car in the inaugural season of the Formula One world championship.

Giuseppe Farina and Juan Manuel Fangio were the key players in the 1950 title fight. They would end the season with three wins and three fastest laps each from the six races that made up the campaign (discounting the Indy 500, which was officially a round of the championship back then).

#10 Farina Italy

Farina drew first blood in the first ever round of the Formula One world championship, which was held at Silverstone, while Fangio retired. In the second race at Monza, the roles were reversed. In the Swiss Grand Prix at Bremgarten, the roles were reversed yet again, the Italian driver winning while his Argentinian team-mate posted a DNF. In the fourth round in Belgium, guess what; it was Fangio’s turn to win again! But this time Farina scored a crucial fourth place finish; the only time all season that the championship combatants didn’t either win or fail to score.

#2 Farina Britain

In the penultimate race at Reims Fangio took the initiative, claiming his third win of the season compared to Farina’s two. On this occasion the Italian driver finished out of the points in seventh place. Heading into the decider at Monza, Fangio headed Farina by four points (their team-mate Luigi Fagioli was actually between them at this stage, courtesy of four runner-up spots).

#10 Fangio Belgium

The season would bookend with another victory for Farina combined with an early bath for Fangio. While both had scored 27 points from their three victories and three fastest laps over the course of the year, that single fourth place for Farina made all the difference in the final tally, and he became the first ever Formula One world champion to the tune of three points.

#6 Fangio France

Tecnomodel has announced four 1:18 replicas of the 1950 Alfa Romeo 158; two each for Farina and Fangio. The Italian’s cars are his winning steeds from the first ever Formula One world championship race at Silverstone, and from the Italian GP when he secured his place in history as the inaugural F1 world champion. The Fangio models are of his winning cars from the Belgian and French Grands Prix.

It really doesn’t get much more significant than this when it comes to a 1:18 replica of a classic Formula One car. Given the paltry limited edition numbers that Tecnomodel tends to work with, we would very much recommend pre-ordering if you don’t want to risk missing out on any of these 1950 Alfa Romeo 158s.

Click Tecnomodel 1:18 1950 Alfa Romeo 158 to order.

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