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Tecnomodel 1-18 1960s Ferrari 350 P4 diecast model car review

Published on: 24 June 2021

Tecnomodel Ferrari 350 P4 Hawkins 1968 Hesketh 3 hours header

The second classic Ferrari sportscar that will shortly be receiving the 1:18 treatment for the first time ever, courtesy of Tecnomodel, is the 350 P4.

Tecnomodel Ferrari 350 P4 Hawkins 1968 Hesketh 3 hours

Come the end of 1967, the Ferrari 330 P4 found itself defunct, outlawed by a series of rule changes imposed by the governing body. Ferrari boycotted the 1968 world sportscar championship in protest to this.

Tecnomodel Ferrari 350 P4 Williams 1967 Laguna Seca Can-Am

Instead, Ferrari converted its 330 P4s into 350 P4s to race in other sportscar series around the world, with varying levels of success. A smooth spyder body devoid of headlights was fitted, while the engine deck featured two curved intake scoops that channelled air into the intake trumpets. The V12 engine was also enlarged by as much as Ferrari felt was feasible.

Tecnomodel Ferrari 350 P4 Amon 1968 Surfers Paradise Tasman

Of the four versions that Tecnomodel will be producing, one will be the press car in red that it always likes to replicate. Next up is the #27 example that Jonathan Williams campaigned in the 1967 Can-Am race at Laguna Seca, finishing eighth. The yellow #4 car was raced to victory by Paul Hawkins in the 1968 Hesketh 3 Hours in South Africa, while the #4 machine was a DNF in the Tasman race at Surfers Paradise in 1968, in the hands of Chris Amon.

Tecnomodel Ferrari 350 P4 1967 press carr

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