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Bravo Delta

Bravo Delta’s models are carved by hand from kiln-dried mahogany. It is a British company that has its replicas produced in the Philippines in a very traditional manner; no power tools are used, just knives and sandpaper.  Highly skilled artists then paint the models, again by hand. The coats are built up over a period of weeks until the replica has a hard, almost metallic feel. Then the markings are carefully added. Each model can take up to 20 hours to complete. The majority of its product range is aircraft related, but it has also released the odd land speed record car as well, such as Sir Stirling Moss’s MG EX181. Anything goes regarding the planes, with Bravo Delta having replicated everything from First World War fighters to modern commercial jets. We are also sometimes able to offer these aircraft replicas signed by their illustrious pilots.

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Signed Stirling Moss 1957 MG EX 181 Bonneville Salt Flats

Signed Stirling Moss 1957 MG EX 181 Bonneville Salt Flats (BD204S)

"Created exclusively for us here at Diecast Legends by Bravo Delta is this exquisite, 18cm long replica of the MG EX 181 that Sir Stirling Moss took to a new land speed record on the Bonneville Salt Flats in 1957."



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