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We have just received CMC’s first replica of the achingly beautiful Talbot Lago T150 SS coupé. It will be the light blue version that was styled by Figoni and Falaschi.

With more than 20 years' experience creating some of the most beautiful and detailed diecast replicas ever to be produced, CMC's engineers finally felt that they had developed the skills and expertise to faithfully reproduce a replica of this iconic vehicle.




CMC decided that the Talbot Lago was to be their crowning glory, and so no compromises were permitted, and no costs spared, in the company's pursuit of perfection.

The statistics more than back these claims up. This replica is made up of no less than 1,488 separate pieces. Under the bonnet, the six cylinder in-line engine is perfectly recreated, complete with aggregates, pipes and cabling. The (obviously) openable bonnet itself even features ‘real’ air vents. The doors open too, of course.




You can even open the sunroof. This will allow you to peek inside and wonder at the seat bench and foldable backrest, both of which have been upholstered in real leather. At the front of the cockpit, the dashboard has been meticulously recreated with all of the correct instruments and controls.

CMC has, as usual, done a fantastic job on the delicate wire wheels, which feature a light alloy rim, and stainless steel spokes and nipples. The locking nuts can be removed so that you can take the wheels off if you wish.

Moving to the back of the car, the boot has supporting rods on both sides, and reveals the removable spare wheel when opened.

CMC doesn’t skimp on the detail on the underneath of its replicas either. If you turn this gem upside down you will see the elaborate undercarriage and the authentically recreated drivetrain.




All of this mechanical engineering excellence is housed within the sumptuous ‘Teardrop’ bodywork, as designed by French coachbuilders Figoni and Faslaschi.

There is absolutely nothing that we can fault with this masterpiece. We very much doubt that it will be available for long, so we’d strongly advise placing your order now. As has been the norm lately, we are pleased to offer this new CMC replica at £25 off of the RRP.

Shop for the 1:18 1937 TALBOT-LAGO COUPÉ




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