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Spark 1:43 Hamilton 2019 American GP Mercedes diecast model car review

Originally published: June 2020

Spark 1:43 Hamilton 2019 American GP Mercedes

Very rarely in the diecast world do we get the opportunity to enjoy a second bite of the cherry, as it were. You know the score by now. A model is announced. It sells out just prior to, or just after, its release. If you got your order in on time the replica is yours, but if you didn’t, you miss out. That’s just the way it is these days.

The other day we received into stock Spark’s 1:43 special that celebrated Lewis Hamilton’s 2019 world championship victory. It was sold out literally within hours of turning up at our warehouse. Shortly thereafter it was selling on eBay for £35 above its retail price.

Spark 1:43 Hamilton 2019 American GP Mercedes diecast model car review

We were inundated with calls from collectors desperate to acquire an example but, unfortunately, we could not help. That was until Spark announced, shortly afterwards, that it would be re-issuing the model.

Spark has really gone to town with this celebratory replica, providing a whole host of accessories with it. The 1:43 recreation of Lewis’s second placed Mercedes F1 W10 from the American Grand Prix sits on the base of a larger display case than usual for a 1:43 Spark model, in order to accommodate the ‘Reserved parking for 2019 World Champion’ platform that he drove onto in parc ferme after the race.

Also included is the World Champion board that he pulled up in front of, as well as two celebratory pit boards that his team made up; one commemorating his championship success, and one celebrating the first time in F1 history that a team had won six consecutive drivers’ and constructors’ championship doubles. Finally, there are the trophies that the team won in the race.

Spark 1:43 Hamilton 2019 American GP Mercedes diecast model car review

You get all this for £64.99, which is just £5 more than the price of a standard Spark 1:43 replica, so it really does represent excellent value for money.

Now, although Spark has been quick to agree to re-manufacture this model, it did not give us long to place our final order quantity for the repro-duction. And we have very much erred on the side of caution. What this means is that, if you do want to add this model to your collection, you need to order it now. You cannot bank on there being any spare stock still available when we receive our second shipment!

Click Spark 1:43 Hamilton 2019 American GP Mercedes to order.

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