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Sir Stirling Moss 722 Collection




The 722 Collection is our very own Diecast Legends tribute to a driver we consider to be one of the greatest of all time.

We have worked closely with Sir Stirling for over 20 years, and in that time he has signed thousands of model cars for us. Now that he has fully retired from public life, we thought the time was right to pay tribute to his amazing career with a collection of replicas of some of his most famous cars.

We’ve produced a small 16 page catalogue all about the collection and the cars it comprises. It covers in more detail that we can go into here how you can subscribe. If you would like to receive a copy of this catalogue, click here, or phone our Customer Service Centre on 0844 887 8888. Alternatively, you can read the digital version below, which can also be downloaded.


The hardest task in putting this collection together was selecting just 12 cars, from the 80 marques that he drove. How do you choose 12 subjects from a career that spanned 529 races, especially as he won 212 of them? But with Stirling’s help, we got there.

The cars we chose were not necessarily the ones he is most obviously associated with. Of course, we have included a number of his most iconic cars, but we wanted to celebrate the sheer breadth of the great man’s talent, so we have replicated cars from many different formulas. We also wanted to offer some models that had never been made by anybody in 1:43 before. We hope you like our choices.


Sir Stirling Moss 722 Collection subjects


We have been trying to put this collection together for more than five years, but we could never find somebody to make the cars to the quality we wanted, at a price that we felt collectors would be able to afford.

We didn’t want to work with some of the better known names, who would only be interested if they could make models in their thousands. And we didn’t want to work with those who specialise in models at the cheaper end of the market, because we felt the quality would not be acceptable.

The collection only really came together when we met up with the owners of Matrix Models about two years ago. They’re also huge Moss fans. They make perhaps the finest quality 1:43 resin models in the business. They are used to producing in small quantities. And whilst not cheap, we felt their models represented good value.

All the cars have been researched in great detail, and we have seen prototypes of most of them. We expect the first car to arrive with us in April or May.


Sir Stirling Moss 722 Collection subjects


How to subscribe to the 722 collection


The only way to obtain the cars in the collection is to become a subscriber.

The collection is a worldwide exclusive for Diecast Legends. The 12 cars will not be sold individually, and you will not be able to buy the collection from any other company.

The cars are all priced at £100, including worldwide postage and packaging, and will be released at the rate of one every second month.

You can either pay for the collection in one payment, in advance, or you can pay by direct debit at the rate of £50 a month. If you wish to pay in advance, instead of £1,200, you will pay just £1,100; that is to say that the last car will be supplied for free.

To subscribe to the 722 Collection in this way, click here.

If, however, you wish to pay for the collection in instalments, click here. You will need to fill in a form with all the necessary information that is then required.

We are very excited. Sir Stirling has been part of our lives here for many years. He is an extraordinary man, a man of principle, a man of great chivalry. He is a relic of a bygone era. We will never see his like again. And so we hope you will join us in celebrating his amazing life and career.


Sir Stirling Moss 722 Collection packaging


Sir Stirling Moss 722 Collection


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