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1:43 British Police Cars


1:43 British Police Cars


The other day we were delighted to discover this charming 1:43 range of classic (and not quite so classic!) British Police cars.

There are some 15 different subjects available, including patrol cars (low-budget compact cars for performing simple tasks), response cars (vehicles used for attending 999 calls), area cars (high performance cars used in high crime areas where incidents need to be attended to quickly), traffic cars (used in high speed pursuits) and service vans (such as for Police dogs and for the Accident Prevention Unit, as shown here).

These models each have a RRP of just £24.99, which we think is phenomenal value for money on today’s diecast scene. We have already got through almost the entirety of our initial consignment of these replicas, but another one is on the way. If you want to make sure of not having to wait beyond that shipment to receive your model(s), then you should place your order with us now.


1:43 British Police Cars


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