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Diecast Legends
Cult 1964 Aston Martin DB6 Diecast Model Car Review

Originally published: October 2019


1:18 1964 Aston Martin DB6


Produced from 1965 to 1971 the DB6 replaced, as you would expect, the DB5. It featured improved aerodynamics and specification over its predecessor. At the time, it had the longest production run of any Aston Martin model.

Aston developed the DB6 itself, after rejecting initial proposed designs from Touring. A Kammback tail was incorporated to prevent the car’s tendency toward aerodynamic lift. The roof line was also raised by two inches from that on the DB5 in order to improve headroom, especially for those seated at the back.

Other notable changes from the DB5 included a more steeply raked windscreen, split front and rear bumpers, and optional power steering and air conditioning. The much more angular DBS would succeed the DB6, although they would be produced concurrently for three years.


Cult 1964 Aston Martin DB6 Diecast Model Car Review


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