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Burago 1:18 and 1:43 2019 F1 Ferraris Diecast Model Car Review

Originally published: May 2019


Burago 1:18 and 1:43 2019 F1 Ferraris


Burago recently confirmed that it will once again be replicating Ferrari’s Formula One car, in this case the 2019 SF90 for Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc, in both 1:18 and 1:43 scale. If the last few years are anything to go by, we should see these released in the autumn.

The 1:18 replicas will cost just £69.99 each, with Vettel going under code (B201905) and Leclerc going under code (B201916). The 1:43 models have an RRP of a mere £24.99 each. You will find Vettel under code (B1836814SV), and Leclerc under code (B1836814CL). We very much doubt that these models will come with Mission Winnow branding included, as the project seems to be seen as a form of tobacco advertising.


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