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BBR 1:18 1969 Porsche 917/69 Diecast Model Car Review

Originally published: December 2019


1:18 1969 Porsche 917/69


Porsche introduced its 917 in time for the 1969 world sportscar championship. After issues with high speed stability the works team opted to shy away from developing the car in full view of the public at race weekends, and instead embarked upon a series of private tests.

Privateers were still free to race the car, however. And in the last race of that year’s championship, at Zeltweg, Jo Siffert and Kurt Ahrens emerged victorious in the machine owned by Freiherr von Wendt, chalking up the 917’s first win. This significant car has never been replicated in 1:18 before, but thanks to BBR, that will not remain the case for much longer.


BBR 1:18 1969 Porsche 917/69 Diecast Model Car Review


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