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Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to visit the Diecast Legends office In Guildford. I made the trip yesterday afternoon and was able to obtain the model I was looking for in excellent condition. I’m very grateful to the friendly reception and service I received from the staff.


I just want to commend you and all your staff at Grand prix Legends on a fantastic job.I have been impressed from day one and will continue to use your Company and keep my Die-Cast Legend Membership going for many a year.


It is good to see that some companies still value customer service. Thank you once again, and keep up the good work.


I am delighted with my F1 World Championship Presentation. It's a work of art, many thanks.


I deeply appreciate this level of customer service, and I am pleased it still exists. I can see I am dealing with a quality company that gives its customers their personal attention at all times


The usual excellent model from CMC; worth every penny. Service excellent and highly recommended.

  • Amalgam

    Amalgam makes the largest diecast models money can buy, with its monstrous 1:8 replicas covering Formula One, supercar and endurance racing subjects. It is also unique in offering 1:4 steering wheels and 1:12 nose cone models of the leading F1 teams.

  • AUTOart

    AUTOart makes some of the most highly detailed 1:18 replicas in the diecast industry, especially in its premium Signature Collection. Famed for its supercar models, you will also find rally, endurance and more day to day road car models on its books.

  • Automodello

    American brand Automodello was set up by collector and enthusiast Jim Cowen in 2009. They produce high quality resin replicas of the more esoteric cars that have often been overlooked by mainstream model makers, such as the Griffith Series 200.

  • Bauer

    Bauer's models of the Bugatti Royale are amongst the most imposing you will ever find from anyone. They come fantastically presented on mirrored bases so that you can see the incredible levels of detail underneath the car.

  • BBR

    BBR make some of the most detailed 1:18 and 1:43 high-end replicas that money can buy. They predominantly focus on Ferrari's racing and road cars, but they also replicate other Italian marques such as Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Pagani and Maserati.


  • Bell

    Bell makes crash helmets for several of today’s F1 drivers, including Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button. The brand also produces a range of miniature, 1:2 scale versions of these helmets which make a fantastic addition to any collection.

  • Biante

    Biante is an Australian brand so as you would expect it replicates cars from the V8 Supercar Championship. It also has some extremely desirable classic F1 and touring car subjects in its range as well.

  • Bizarre

    Bizarre is a brand name of Spark, and as you would expect it releases more obscure subjects than most model manufacturers! Like Spark, its models are made in resin. Subjects include endurance, rally and road cars.

  • Bravo Delta

    Bravo Delta’s exquisite aeroplane replicas are hand-carved from mahogany and painted by eye. You can choose from World War II classics, like the Spitfire or Lancaster Bomber, as well as commercial, private, racing and seafaring aircraft.

  • Brooklin

    British company Brooklin produces 1:43 white metal replicas of classic American cars. They are made by same the factory that produces Lansdowne Models, so you can expect the same high quality, weighty and well detailed replicas. If you’re into your Hudson Hornets, Desoto Firedomes, or Chevy Impalas, then look no further!

  • Brumm

    Italian brand Brumm are famous for their 1:43 replicas of early Formula One World Champions. They are fantastic value for money, and they have recently produced some very interesting transporter diorama sets as well.

  • CMC

    There is no more highly detailed model than a CMC! The company only releases a few new subjects a year but they are always absolutely superb and extremely sought after by collectors. It concentrates on iconic classic subjects such as the Bugatti Atlantic.

  • Corgi

    The legendary British company Corgi is one of the most iconic brands in model making. They produce well detailed and extremely affordable replicas of everything from modern F1 machinery to road cars and aeroplanes.

  • Fujimi

    Like Spark, Fujimi’s models are made in resin. The vast majority of the range focuses on Ferrari racing subjects, but they also cover some of the Prancing Horse’s road cars as well. They occasionally release Porsche and Lamborghini replicas too.

  • GLM

    Great Lightning Models, or GLM for short, is part of the same concern that makes Matrix models so, as you would expect, they are very high quality resin pieces. The brand is quite specialist, focusing on exclusive luxury cars.

  • GMP

    GMP no longer has a UK importer. The only product that we currently stock from them is the mammouth 1:12 Dan Gurney signed Cobra from Bridgehampton.

  • Greenlight

    Greenlight only has one 1:18 subject on its books at the moment, but what a subject it is: Steve McQueen's Mustang GT from Bullitt!

  • IXO

    IXO is one of the best 1:43 value for money manufacturers in the diecast industry. Famous for its La Storia series charting the history of Ferrari in F1, it also releases many replicas covering subjects from the rally, endurance and road car fields.

  • Jotus

    We didn’t know much about Jotus at first, but after a bit of research we found out that this Hong Kong based company predominantly make resin models of buses. They do the odd 1:43 Japanese car too, also in resin.

  • Kess

    Kess is an Italian company, and so it is perhaps unsurprising that they mainly model road cars from the likes of Alfa Romeo, Fiat and Maserati. Their replicas are 1:43 scale, and are made from resin.

  • KK Scale

    KK Scale is a German company that produces good quality 1:18 resin replicas. So far they have only released one subject: the 1971 Audi 100 S Coupé S. 

  • Kyosho

    Kyosho is famous for its 1:18 replicas of classic British subjects, such as the Mini Cooper, Austin Healey 3000 and Triumph TR3A. It also has an extensive range of Fiat and Lancia rally cars and Lamborghini, Audi and BMW road cars.

  • Lansdowne

    British company Lansdowne produces 1:43 white metal replicas of the most notable classic British cars, which represent over 40 years of the British motor industry. Their models are extremely high quality, hand made pieces.

  • Look Smart

    Look Smart produce some of the finest 1:43 replicas money can buy and, like BBR and MR, their models are hand built in Italy. As you would expect, Look Smart recreate the cars of legendary Italian marques such as Alfa Romeo, Bugatti, Ferrari and Lamborghini

  • Matrix

    Dutch organisation Matrix produces 1:43 replicas of rare and interesting road cars, which have usually been built by coachbuilders like Ghia, Touring or Mulliner Park Ward. One of the brand’s most famous subjects so far is the Aston Martin DB5 Shooting Break.

  • Mattel

    If you want a model of a Ferrari, it has to be a Mattel! The American company has an exhaustive list of subjects concerned with the legendary marque, from F1 to its latest supercar. Mattel also replicates some of the most famous TV and film subjects.

  • Minichamps

    Minichamps is the most prolific manufacturer in the diecast industry. It has a huge range of Formula One, motorsport and road car models, and is also famous for its 1:12 motorbike replicas and its Valentino Rossi Collection in particular.

  • MR Collection

    Like BBR, Italian brand MR produces some of the most detailed 1:18 high-end supercar replicas that money can buy.  Their range consists of legendary marques such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bugatti and Alfa Romeo.

  • Neo

    Neo produces predominantly classic British and European road car subjects, in both 1:18 and 1:43 scales. If you like your Bentleys, Rolls-Royces and Jaguars you really should check them out. They also release a few racing cars too.  

  • Norev

    Unsurprisingly French company Norev concentrates on subjects from the likes of Renault, Peugeot and Citroen! It also has some extremely desirable other replicas in its range though, covering endurance, rally and road cars.

  • Norscot

  • Oxford

    Oxford is a British company that focuses on classic British road car subjects. They also replicate some of the weird and whacky creations from the unmissable TV show Top Gear.

  • Paragon

    Paragon is another new name on the diecast scene. Its first subject will be the 1:18 Rolls Royce MPW coupe from 1968, in three colourways including the dark blue from the original Thomas Crown Affair.

  • Premium ClassiXXs

    Premium ClassiXXs has a wide range of models including endurance, rally and road cars, and also race team transporters as well.

  • Quartzo

    The Quartzo brand gained popularity with collectors for its great value for money 1:18 classic F1 replicas. They focus predominantly on machinery from the ‘60s and ‘70s. So if you’re a fan of racing heroes like Clark, Rindt, or Fittipaldi, the odds are that Quartzo produces something you’ll be interested in.

  • Schuco

    Schuco has a wide range of models including endurance, rally and road cars, and also race team transporters as well.

  • SMTS

    SMTS replicas are made of white metal as opposed to diecast. Its replicas are made in the UK by a dedicated group of racing enthusiasts, and the company tends to focus on classic racing subjects.

  • Spark

    Spark's range has increased extensively over the last couple of years. It now includes F1, endurance, rally and road car subjects in its line-up. You can even find a helicopter, aeroplane and powerboat amongst its range! Its models are made in resin.

  • Sun Star

    Sun Star is famous for its 1:18 replicas of Ford hot hatches and rally cars, but its range also includes 1:12 cars and 1:24 buses and coaches as well as several other 1:18 subjects.

  • Tecnomodel

    Tecnomodel are very much in the same mould as companies like BBR and MR, in that they produce high quality, ultra low limited edition 1:18 and 1:43 resin replicas. However, they don’t just focus on Italian machinery; they make Aston Martins too.

  • Tintin

    We think this range of 1:43 Tintin cars is great fun. Every subject has featured in one of Hergé’s Tintin stories, and comes with the relevant character figures, which really bring these models to life. You also get a certificate of authenticity included.

  • Top Marques

    Top Marques Collectibles is a relatively new manufacturer that specialises in 1:18 resin replicas of sporting Italian road cars from such manufacturers as Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Lancia and Maserati.  

  • Top Model

    Top Model is a small Italian brand that produces a range of 1:18 Formula One driver figures. They will look great alongside their relevant F1 cars, or as standalone pieces in your collection. You can choose from the likes of Hamilton, Villeneuve, Vettel and Clark.

  • Trofeu

    Trofeu is a brand famed for its 1:43 rally car replicas, but it also produces road and endurance subjects too.

  • TrueScale Miniatures

    TrueScale Miniatures is another company that prioritises quality over quantity. It doesn't have a large product range but what it does release is always very well received by collectors. It made its mark with the 1:18 six wheeled Tyrrell P34 F1 car.

  • Vitesse

    Vitesse concentrates on 1:43 rally subjects, both classic and modern.

  • Whitebox

    Whitebox is an excellent little brand, which produces 1:24 and 1:43 scale diecast models of classic and modern road cars. Their replicas are excellent value for money and, although they aren’t the most detailed, look pretty good too.

  • WIT's

    We import WIT's replicas into the UK ourselves, so you will not find them available anywhere else. The Japanese company's 1:12 motorbikes are of extremely high quality, incorporating more metal than most diecast manufacturers.


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